Mindful Eating during the Holidays

by Angie on December 13, 2013

Thank you for having me on, Mornings with Fox 43!!

One of my favorite topics is Mindful and Intuitive Eating. I recently shared my advice on Mindful Eating during the Holidays.


Trans fats: a thing of the past?

by Angie on November 21, 2013

As always, a pleasure hanging out with my friends at Mornings with Fox 43!


Raising Healthy Eaters

by Angie on September 13, 2013

In honor of September being National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, this week I did a presentation titled, “Eat a Rainbow: Making healthy eating fun for kids”. I had so much fun researching this topic as I’m constantly learning new things about the joys and challenges of child feeding/nutrition with my own 16 month old.

If you are struggling at all with feeding your child/children or just want to learn how to get started feeding your children well, let me highly recommend two books that I have found extremely helpful:

1. Child of Mine: Feeding with Love and Good Sense, by Ellyn Satter

2. Fearless Feeding: How to raise healthy eaters from high chair to high school, by Jill Castle and Maryann Jacobsen

This morning, I got the opportunity to share a few things I’ve learned with my friends at Mornings with Fox 43. Always a pleasure to be on the air with them!!

My best advice for raising healthy eaters can be summed up in 4 simple tips:

1. Eat Family Meals.

2. Be a good role model.

3. Practice Division of Responsibility.

4. Relax and have fun with food.

If you’d like to watch the video of my segment, click here.

What have you found to be most challenging when it comes to feeding your children?

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August 23, 2013

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